Sunday, July 10, 2011

Facts from the Organized Barn and Trailer

Are you looking for an inexpensive and practical way to organize all the "clutter" in your barn, your tack room, feed room, any area where you want to get stuff up off the floor and into plain sight for easy access?  We have various sizes of panels that attach to walls using mounting brackets or utility hooks, depending on the wall configuration.  The panels sit on and then can be lifted off these mounting brackets anytime.  We then have various size wire baskets, hooks, hangers, bins and shelves that can be hooked onto the panel and rearranged to suit your needs.  We also carry ranch products and fun storage products.  You won't believe the floor space you have in your horse trailer dressing room when everything is off the floor and onto the panels.  Visit our website for more information and check out our testimonials from people who LOVE this innovative yet simple product! See our website at